The expression “Agua Va” comes from medieval times, before the days of toilets and proper house water systems. In those days, the general population did their business in buckets or chamber pots, and every morning they would throw their waste out onto the street. This could be through the front door, or even from their balcony. The etiquette in Spain before you did this was to shout, “Agua Va!!” to warn the innocent passersby. Can you imagine that amount of waste on the streets? The streets and plazas would be full of dumps and running sewage. To top it all off, the butchers would sometimes slaughter their animals in broad daylight with all the infection and smell surrounding them. Rats would roam around, and disease and infection would spread easily. This awful general hygiene was, unfortunately, the perfect catalyst for the Black Death. It was not until the mid 19th century that houses started to have proper piping and running water. It took until around the1930s when the mass production of toilets and sinks made it cheaper to include them in most accommodations.