Many tourists mistake this building for the Royal Palace because of how grand it is. The 20th century Art Deco architecture was originally built to become the central post office, (probably the most fancy post office you’ll ever see!) but nowadays is used as the city hall. It is the 2nd biggest building in the city, with 6 underground floors and also home to the “Casa de America”, a Latin American culture centre and museum, a café and an outdoor terrace with a fantastic view. We recommend you visit this terrace, the views of the city are breathtaking.

The “Fuente de Cibeles” is a beautiful fountain that represents the Roman goddess of nature and fertility, Cibeles, sitting on a huge chariot pulled by two lions. It has become an iconic symbol for the Madrileans, especially for the Real Madrid fans. Whenever the team wins a championship or league, they come here to celebrate. It’s usually kick-started by the captain of the team being lowered down on a crane to kiss the Cibeles statue on both cheeks and decorate it with their team colours. If you happen to be here for an event like this, try to get here super early as it gets crazily busy – but the atmosphere is well worth it!