The main building in this nice square is the Royal theatre. But before we talk about it, let’s talk mention a very important historical character connected to it: Queen Isabel II. You’ll find a picture of her on all of the street tiles in this square. As you can see from those pictures, she wasn’t exactly the most beautiful queen in the history of Spain. However, she was a kind of object of desire those days, and you know why? Well she was the queen of Spain, and she was single, so everyone wanted to marry her to access the throne.

Isabel II became Queen of Spain at the age of 12, until her exile by the Glorious Revolution in 1868. You can imagine that in order to face all her responsibilities as a monarch, she had to develop a very strong character. The legend goes that she rejected every single one of her candidate’s proposals, only because she was deeply in love with a cousin of hers, Francis, Duke of Cadiz. Isabel II had 12 children, of which only 5 reached childhood. Rumour has it Francois was a homosexual, so few, if any, were fathered by him.

Plaza Isabel II

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