Over 3000 water shoots, 3 million litres of water, the light and music performances which include classical and modern songs from The Godfather, The Gladiator and Freddie Murcury’s – Barcelona can be enjoyed from October – April on Fridays and Saturday between 7 – 8:30pm and from May – September Thursday – Sunday between 9 – 11pm. The performances last 30 minutes each and the closest metro station is Espanya, on lines 1, 3, & 8.

The fountain is located just below the Palau National on the Montjuic hill. It was constructed in 1929 for the Barcelona International Exposition. The site is where The Four Columns once stood as a representation of the Catalanism movement – see photo, (these were demolished in 1928 by the Prime Minister Migel Primo de Rivera – and later re-erected in 2010 just a few metres away).Four Pillars

During the Spanish Civil War the fountain was badly damaged but by the 1980’s music and lights were added to the fountain so it was also ready for the 1992 Olympic Games held on Montjuic.

By day it’s just a normal looking fountain, but by night it transforms into a magical wonder that is a must here in Barcelona.