Opera House is the name of the Madrid’s Royal theatre, but we all call it Opera. There are usually a lot of street performers in this area. Can you see any now? Isabel II was the one who commanded the construction of this Opera House: she loved the arts and specially the theatre.  Inside, the Royal Theater is remarkably beautiful, and it is a part of the European opera circuit, so whatever they are showing these days in la Escala de Milano, Berlin, London, or Paris, it’s going to be showcased here sooner or later. There is a total of 7 floors, and it holds a massive 1746 people. Oh, and here’s a useful tip for you if you’re under 30 – Go to the ticket office 90 minutes before a show and you may be able to pick up some last minute entries with a massive 90% discount!

The Royal Theatre has amazing design on the inside, but the outside it’s not equally as impressive because just round the corner there’s the Royal Palace, so the queen made sure for this building not to overshadow that one!

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