This amazing array of pathways and roads created by Gaudi in the 1900 was actually a commercial flop. Gaudi was originally contracted to build a estate of houses for the rich, but it was abandoned in 1914 and opened as a public park 8 years later. The views of the city from the park are very impressive towering between 150 and 210 metres above sea level.. When entering the Hansel & Gretel gateway you are welcomed by a mosaic dragon/lizard which escalates the stairway. Inside you will find 88 stone columns (Sala Hipóstila) what was supposed to be the market place. Gaudi’s designs always have a natural flow, from the overhangs that are formed like trees to the curves of the buildings. The carob’s viaduct is wide enough to walk through designed as passage for carriages.

The park is estimated to receive 4 million tourists per year so if you want to get some good photos with not too many people in them, try to get there nice and early. Between June – September it’s open from 10am – 9pm. You can buy your tickets here online.

As you scale the hill side you will find people selling handmade jewellery and many street performers to stop and check out like the video below.