Fun fact: the shortest, tiniest street in Madrid is called… Madrid Street!

Every single building in Plaza de la Villa is made of stone and brick. These houses used to be owned by the richest people in the city, and when I say the city, I mean the capital of Spain, so the richest people in the country, and when I say country, remember that the Americas didn’t exist as we know them today, so probably these were actually some of the richest people in the world. Now having that information, take a look at the buildings. For being family houses, they look huge!

Madrid Street


But then again, if I’m telling you that this was the house of one of the richest people in the world in those days, don’t you think they could look a bit more fancy? Well actually, they couldn’t. But why? Well, what was going on here is simple: during the Spanish Inquisition. the church and government could execute you depending on how bad your “sins” were. Well what kind of sins were these? As you may know, there are actually 7 capital sins you can commit, and one of them is pride. Therefore, no matter how rich you were, your house couldn’t look better than a church, because that would be sumptuous, and pride, just like any other capital sin, was punished with the death sentence. No matter how rich you were, you house had to be very sober on the outside. But guys, that’s just it, only on the outside. Inside, it’s a different story. You can’t really go inside as most of them are now government buildings, but if you can, take a peek at the works on the ceiling of the ones where the front door is open… and you will see a big difference between the inside and the outside. Now, what if I told you that these were only the horse stables? Inside these houses, you could find every possible luxury you imagine, everything except for one thing, which we take for granted these days…because it hadn’t been invented yet…a toilet!