Travelling in Europe can be quite cheap with all the low cost companies, but they can sting you if need to check extra bags or go overweight. Here are some useful tips when traveling, and how to get the cheapest flights and best deals available. Read on!


One thing that I love about Skyscanner is the fact that you don’t have to put a specific date. Skyscanner gives you the option to select the whole month or even year, for you then to chose from a graph, which days work our to be cheaper. This is great if you can be a little more flexible with your dates. There’s also an option to put in the a departure airport and explore where you can travel to for the cheapest fare.


The low cost flights in Europe always sting you with the extra luggage, make sure that if you have an extra bag, you book it in advance so that you receive a discount. Here’s a great tip I do that will be useful for you: everytime I’m about to get on the plane, (especially with EasyJet) 9 times out of 10 the cabin crew will ask people to come forward to put their hand luggage in the hold for lack of space above. If you have a bag that is oversized, this is the moment to try and get away with it. Go to front and check it, (they consider you a volunteer so they’ve never asked me to squeeze it into the measuring box, even though I may have had an oversized bag 95% of the time)

Search on Actual Airline Sites

You can find many deals  through companies like eDreams and, but you should always check to see which company they are using to offer you these prices and check them directly. Quite frequently, offers can be acquired from booking through an airline company directly. (and if you ever need to make a change or cancellation, it’s always best to have bought the ticket directly with the airline).

Check you IP Address

Airline companies use your IP to adjust prices so if you do happen to have an IP blocker or VPN, they try searching for the same flights in a different location, you could be surprised!

Travel on Wednesdays!

Wednesday is on average the cheapest day to travel  because the planes will always have more seats so the companies will usually release more discounted prices. If you’re going for a week and can fly and come back on a Wednesday you will definitely save a few notes.

Advance Bookings

Booking in advance can be a lot cheaper. Studies reveal that the prices drop below the average around 6 weeks before flights depart. So mark your calendar and book smart!