Well, so are we, but don’t worry because we have found some quiet, beautiful, beaches only 20-30 minutes away. We decided to share these secret spots of ours below. So, here it is, our top 3 beaches just a hop, skip, and jump away. 

1. Badalona

Just a 20 minute ride on the train you can get to Badalona beach at anytime during the day from Catalunya. The last train back to Barcelona is at 22:43, so you have lots of time to spend in the sun! Enjoy the day with your friends or alone for only a 5 euro round trip. If you get tired of the beaches, check out all the little stores, restaurants, and museum.

2. Ocata

This is one of our favourite little beach that is also only a 5 euro round trip from Catalunya, but is a little bit further than Badalona by a couple stops. The sand is soft and the water is clear, not to mention you can see it right from the train. Feel free to be nude or covered up on this wonderful getaway beach. This is where you’ll find more of the local crowd and its not as crowded as any other beach. We do suggest bringing your own food and drinks in a cooler because there is not many places where you can eat for a good price close to the beach.  



Although Stiges is known more famously to be the gay party spot. It’s beach is also a great spot. The town is filled with awesome bars and restaurants if you’re looking to spend more time there, and truly experience everything it has to offer. The trains run about every 20 minutes from Passig de Gracia and takes 35 minutes to get there, costing around 7 euros round trip. The last train back to Barcelona is at 19:30, but not to worry if that is not late enough then you can take one of the night buses that run til 4AM costing 4 euros.

These 3 beaches are our close favourites. We have more hidden spots that we will be sharing with you in one of our up coming posts. Be sure to stay tuned for more secret insights!