If you’re tired of paying extra fees for baggage on your low cost flights, the new wearable luggage jacket from Jaktogo may be for you. Ryanair charges up to €70 to check in a 15kg bag on certain routes in high season, and €10 per kilo for overweight baggage. There is still not, however, any restriction on the amount of clothes that you can wear or either the size for that matter. Prepare yourself for the Michelin monsters!


The Jaktogo is a long sleeved polyester waterproof coat with 14 different sized pockets that fit up to 15kg in the form of shoes, laptops, books and or clothes. It costs €59,69 and can be bought online like the other two items of their collection, the Ponchotogo and the Dresstogo, which both have 10 pockets. In just a few easy steps, all of them convert into a hand bag with a two hand straps and a longer shoulder strap.These jackets however are not exactly a fashion statement.

The inventor John Powers also manufactures a denim and leather version which is a little more pricey costing €238. Watch the face of the Ryanair worker as you easily pass the control and once on the plane transform it back into a bag. It’s as easy as that.